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Recruiting is not about matching job requirements. First of all its about storytelling. And better a good one. That is why we work only with international product companies. With interesting products, innovative technologies, clear business model and great team. We tell your company story to the candidates carefully selected and screened by us. If they like it - there is 50% match already. Recruiting is also about listening. We listen to our candidates, learning who they are, what are their wishes and dream job. And finally recruitment is about analyzing - when there is a match between your story and candidates wishes (relevant skills and experience are always default) - magic is happening!

The most efficient way of working with us is EXCLUSIVELY. Its not about competition. Its about being able to represent your company in the best way, sharing as much details as we can during the first 10 min of engagement. This way, when communicating with candidates we do not use words such as 'our client' or 'them'. We use WE. It creates TRUST between candidates and us, which is a key success factor of the entire process

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Our Services

  1. Technological Recruitment

    Need top notch and cost effective developers? We are here to assist. With pool of 16,000 Backend, Frontend, Full Stack, Devops, Embedded, Automation, QA Engineers, Architects and Managers we close any position within 30 business days

  2. Headhunting

    Have a discreet or "hard to hire" high end IT position? Bring it on! We love challenges! There was no position we couldn't close so far

  3. Payroll and Admin Services

    Need to sign agreements, protect IP, pay salaries , rent office or buy equipment in Ukraine? Move Up team will provide you full suit of HR services including recruitment, legal, operation, payroll, etc.

  4. Dedicated R&D Centers and Extensions

    Need a new team or RD center? No worries! We are here to help! We will build and operate a dream team of best talents available!

  5. Talents Acquisition Deals

    Planning a mass hiring process? Tiered of hiring one by one? Interested in significant growth acceleration? Our Talents M&A service is just for you ! We will scout and identify the best teams and companies for sale that match your needs and which you can buy or hire as a ready-to-go team

Our Portfolio Companies


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Eran Lasser

CEO & co-founder

DAN.IT education

Finally, worthy recruiting agencies are appearing in Ukraine. Move Up stands for quality and results. It was a pleasure for me to work with whole team, I fully recommend it and hope for further cooperation! Good luck.

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Edie Prilepski


DAN.IT education

За 3 недели закрыли 2 горящие позиции. Очень эффективные ребята.

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